CSAAR Publication Program

The promotion of scholarship on contemporary architecture and the built environment in the Arab states is an important part of the Center's mission. The Center publications fall into several distinct and interrelated categories:

1-Proceedings of conferences and seminars organized  by the Center.
2-Monographs exploring specific aspects of  architecture and the built environment in the Arab region.
3- Occasional papers or essays that contribute to the understanding of  contemporary architecture in the region.

The publications of the Center will appear under CSAAR Transactions on the Built Environment series.

In facilitating these and other publications, the Center’s purpose is to encourage original research and analysis of relevant issues. While every effort is made to ensure that the publications are of a high academic standard, there is naturally bound to be a diversity of views, positions, ideas and interpretations. As such, the opinions expressed in CSAAR publications must be understood as belonging to their authors alone.  

Publish with CSAAR

In addition to publishing scholarly work planned and conducted by the Center, CSAAR also publishes work by the general academic and professional community. CSAAR Program for Publication is established to support terminated and unpublished scholarly work on architecture and the built environment in general. Application is open to scholars holding the doctorate or to doctoral candidates conducting research. CSAAR publishes  scholarly books  which are directed towards an audience of peers or students (graduate or undergraduate) or towards the more general public in both English and Arabic languages.

Arabic Publication Program

As part of its policy to encourage publication of scholarly work in the Arabic language, CSAAR supports the authoring, translation and editing of books in Arabic. Arabic book-writing activities involve one of the following:

  1. Authoring a scholarly book or monograph which is directed towards an audience of peers or students or towards the more general public in Arabic;

  2. Translating relevant books or textbooks into Arabic. To promote the availability of good technical and scientific books in Arabic, CSAAR encourages the translation of selected titles into Arabic.

Inquiries should be directed to Dr. Director of the Arabic Publication Program.

Submit a Publication Proposal

To prepare a book proposal, please adhere to the following format [html] [pdf].

To prepare a book translation proposal, please adhere to the following format [pdf]

Submissions for CSAAR Publication Program as well as any of your comments and suggestions should be sent to .

Published Work

To see a list of books published by CSAAR, click here. Our publications can be ordered online. Ordering details are available below.

Ordering CSAAR Publication

You can order CSAAR publications online.  Click here to order titles online. We accept payments via credit card or bank wire transfer.

After receiving your order, items available in stock will take 48 hours to process and prepare for dispatch. Once your order has been processed all items will be dispatched using a standard delivery service. Estimated delivery time is 10 working days. All deliveries will be sent as a small packet by airmail.

Forthcoming Publication Project:
Contemporary Architecture in the Arab World

The current publication project for CSAAR is an edited book titled "Contemporary Architecture in the Arab World". The project aims to review and chronicle modern architectural development in the Arab World and its relation to the social, cultural, political, and economical developments in the region. The focus will be on surveying, reviewing and analyzing the most outstanding works of contemporary architecture in the region.  The product of this project will be an edited book of two Volumes that covers architectural developments in all Arab States during the twentieth century.  The book will appear in English and later the Center will publish the Arabic version of the book. The book will be published by an international publishing house.

Volume I:

Early Modern Architecture in the Arab World: The formative stage 1900-1970

This volume will focus on the architectural heritage of the Modern Movement from early twentieth century until the Independence period (1950-1970) in the Arab World.

Volume II:

Contemporary Architecture in the Arab World: 1970-current

In addition to reviewing and analyzing the most influential projects as well as many lesser-known buildings in the region, the chapters of the books may address various related issues that include –but are not limited to- the following:

Volume I

- Historical roots of the formative stage .
- Othman roots .
- Pre-independence architecture .
- Colonial architecture .
- Post-independence architecture .
- Significance of pre-independence architecture .
- Early generations of architects .
- Social, political and technological influences .
- Intellectual revolution and demographic changes in early twentieth century .

Volume II

- Debate about modernity and nature of regional architecture .
- Review architectural developments in the period .
- Western thoughts and influences .
- Critical review and analysis of architectural products of the period .
- Formative strands of contemporary architecture .
- Architectural trends and movements in the region .
- Survey of influential architects.
- Review/analysis of major influences on the region's contemporary architecture.

Scholars interested in writing a chapter covering Modern Architecture in one of the Arab states, please send a statement of interest to the editor at: . To prepare and submit a chapter proposal, please adhere to the following guidelines.



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