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Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development

3- 5 November, 2009     Al-Fateh University, Tripoli, Libya

Organized by:

Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Al-Fateh University, Libya

In Collaboration with

The Center for the Study of Architecture in the Arab Region, Jordan


Keynote Speakers:

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The increasing urbanization of many parts of the world coupled with other global issues such as environmental pollution, energy consumption, and resources shortage are resulting in major urban crises in many parts of the world. In an effort to explore and map the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Al-Fateh University and the Center for the Study of Architecture in the Arab Region (CSAAR) have joined together to organize an international conference on sustainable architecture and urban development.

The conference aims to address the various aspects of urban development in accordance with the principles of sustainability. The conference will address issues such as ecological and social sustainability, transit-oriented development, neotraditional design, eco-friendly development, economic and environmental sustainability, environmentalism, regionalism and architectural design. In addition, the conference will explore how neighborhood design can further a sustainable region and how local culture and history can interact with new urbanism concepts to create a new mix of urban development options. Of particular interest for the conference is sustainability in the Arab cities. These cities undergo one of the fastest rates of developments in the world. This rapid, often erratic, growth has not occurred without unwanted consequences in the built environment.

The theme of the conference is "Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development". It aims to provide a forum to examine and discuss solution-oriented methods for implementing sustainable development and urbanism, and to stimulate more ideas and useful insights regarding architecture and urban development within the context of sustainability. The conference welcomes papers that address issues related to sustainability in urban development and planning in the Middle East and elsewhere. In the interest of tackling these issues from multiple perspectives, we invite a wide array of research approaches, ranging from critical-theoretical interrogations to experimental-empirical studies that would encompass not only the spatial and physical aspects of the built environment, but also the social, economic, legislative, and ecological contexts and consequences.

Topics of Interest

We invite participants to submit papers in all areas related to sustainable development, and particularly work focusing on bridging the gap between theory and practice. The conferences welcome papers from participants from different backgrounds and countries. Papers may reflect on a wide spectrum of issues. Topics of interest include BUT are not limited to:

Sustainability Theory
Ecological and Social Sustainability
Tensions between Environmental and Economic Sustainability
Land Use and Environmental Management
Socio-Economic Issues
Resources Management and Conservation
Traditional and Modern Urbanism
Parameters of Sustainable Urbanism
Indicators of Sustainability
Sustainability Evaluation Systems
Sustainability in Developing Countries
International Outlook on Sustainability
New Directions for Urbanism
New Urbanism/Transit-oriented Development
Emergent Urban Patterns
Green Development and Construction
Traditional Neighbourhoods Design/Neotraditional Design
Energy Use and Management
Low Energy Architecture

Sustainable Construction Materials & Technologies
Clean Tech for Environmental issues
IT Applications & Geo-Informatics

Sustainability in Architectural and Planning Education
Sustainable Housing and Urban Neighborhoods
New Designs for Mixed Use Urban Fabric
Contextual Architecture
Cultural Heritage and Eco-Tourism
Community Participation and Democratic Planning
Modernization and Cultural Regeneration
Eco-Design and Eco-friendly Development
Landscape Strategies in Harsh Climates
Sustainability in Transport and Landscape
Legislative Empowerments for Sustainability
International Organizations, Initiatives, and Standards on Sustainability

Important Dates

Deadline for abstracts February 15, 2009
Full paper submission for review March 30, 2009
Notification of acceptance June 30, 2009
Deadline for final papers August 10, 2009

Submission Guidelines

Abstract submissions should be approximately 600 words and must be in English. Full paper submission could be either in English or Arabic.  Abstract and full paper submissions should be sent in MS Word or PDF format. Abstracts should be e-mailed to scientific committee co-chair (). Full paper submissions are required to be done online at csaar submission and review system below.

Full Paper Submission

Conference Fees and Registration

Participants wishing to attend the Conference are encouraged to register in advance and as early as possible in order to benefit from lower registration fees. Please note that access to Conference activities, Dinner Reception and presentations might become subject to availability in case of late registration.

Authors are invited to complete the registration process before July 30, 2009. Authors should pay registration fees before August 28th. Failing to send the registration fees on or before this date will result in excluding the paper from the proceedings. Click here for online registration>>.   

Conference Proceedings

All papers accepted for publication will be published in a conference proceedings, which will be available to delegates at the time of registration.  In addition, papers will be published in a volume of CSAAR Transactions on the Built Environment (ISSN 1992-7320).

Location & Accommodation

Information regarding location, accommodation, visa and travel information is will be posted soon.



Conference Site Manger

Dr. Suliman Fortea, Al-Fateh University, Libya

Conference Secretariat

Samer Taweel, CSAAR
samer @

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Al-Fateh University, Libya

Urban Planning Agency, Libya

Libyan Syndicate of Engineers, Libya

The General Board of Tourism & Traditional Industries, Libya









Int. Advisory Committee

Attilio Petruccioli, Dean, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy

Salim Elwazani, Bowling Green State University, USA

Nasser Rabbat, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Richard S. Levine, University of Kentucky, USA


Local Organizing  Committee

Suliman Fortea, Al-Fateh University, Libya

Omar Abujnah,
Al-Fateh University, Libya

Latifa Mohamed Wafa, Al-Fateh University, Libya

Adal B. Zitouni, Al-Fateh University, Libya

Khaled El Ammari, Al-Fateh University, Libya


Scientific Committee Co-Chairs

Suliman Fortea, Al-Fateh University, Libya.

Jamal Al-Qawasmi, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia

Ezadean Shawesh, Al-Fateh University, Libya.


International Scientific Committee

Abdul-Jawad  Ben Swessi

Al-Fateh University, Libya

Abdul Malek Abdul Rahman

University of Science Malaysia, Malaysia

Ahmad Sanusi Hassan

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Ahmed Elseragy

Arab Academy for Science & Technology, UK

Ali Issa

7th April University, Libya

Amira Elnokaly

University of Lincoln, UK

Amjad Almusaed

Archcrea institute, Denmark

Anna-maria Vissilia

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Antonio Frattari

University of Trento, Italy

Azizul Mowla Qazi

Bangladesh University of Eng. & technology, Bangladesh

Behzad Sodagar

University of Lincoln, UK

Beisi Jai

University of Hong Kong, China

Beser Oktay

East Mediterranean University, Cyprus

Besim Hakim

University of Florida, USA

Charles Kibert

University of Florida, USA

Chrisna Du Plessis

Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, South Africa

David Mallia

Malta Environment and Planning Authority, Malta

Doris kowaltowski

State University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil

Eman Eid

Menoufia Univesity, Egypt

Ettore Maria Mazzola

University of Notre Dame, Italy

Fionn Stevenson

Oxford Brookes University, UK

Habib Melki

Notre Dame University, Lebanon

Hans Rosenlund

CEC Design, Sweden

Husam Al Waer

The University of Dundee, UK

Janis Birkeland

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Jean-Piere El Asma

Notre Dame University, Lebanon

Jeremy Gibbeed

CSIR, South Africa

J Owen Lewis

Sustainable Energy Ireland, Ireland

Joo Hwa (Philip) Bay

Inter. Network for Tropical Architecture, Australia

Latifa Wafa

Al-Fateh University, Libya

Limin Hee

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Mehdi Sabet

American University of Sharjah, UAE

Mohd Hamdan Ahmad

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Mohammad Arif Kamal

KFUPM, Saudi Arabia

Mohamed El-Haram

The University of Dundee, UK

Mohammad Reza Masnavi

University of Tehran, Iran

Mohsen Aboutorabi

University of Central England, UK

Mostafa Litim

Al-Fateh University, Libya

Nada Ksebati

Damascus University, Syria

Nicolai Steino

Aalborg University Denmark

Norhati Ibrahim

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Obas John Ebohon

De Montfort University, UK

Omar Abujanah

Al-Fateh University, Libya

Pablo Campos

Utoplan - University USPCEU, Spain

Paola Sassi

Oxford Brookes University, UK

Ramadan  Dboba

University of AlFateh, Libya

Rania Khalil

Helwan University, Egypt

Roger Tyrrell

University of Portsmouth, UK

Saeed A. R. Saeed

University of Bahrain, Bahrain

Safei-Eldin Hamed

Texas Tech University, USA

Samer Bagaeen

University of Brighton, UK

Seyed-Majid Mofidi

Univ. of Science & Technology, Iran

Shakeel Qureshi

National College of Arts Lahore, Pakistan

Souad Sassi Boudemagh

University Mentouri of Constantine, Algeria

Steffen Lehmann

UNESCO Chair/ the University of Newcastle, Australia

Syed Zainol Abidin Idid

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Tijen Roshko

University of Manitoba, Canada