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List of Acepted Papers

Ahmed Alamouri & Laura Pecchioli. ISEE-Based Method For Information Retrieving Of Historical Baalbek, Technical University Of Berlin\ Germany & Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg\ Germany

Alessio Cardaci & Antonella Versaci. From Standard To Laser Scanning Surveying For Heritage: Some Case Studies In Enna (Italy), University Of Bergamo\ Italy & University Of Enna\ Italy

Anca Claudia Prodan. The Digital Representation Of The Heritage Of Mankind - Opportunities And Challenges, Brandenburg University Of Technology, Germany
Andrea Smith. Creating A Website With Luddite Students: Historic Preservationists Documenting Cultural Heritage
, University Of Mary Washington, United States Of America

Annika Moscati, Julie Lombardo, Livio De Luca & Luigi Valentino Losciale. Visual Browsing Of Semantic Descriptions Of Heritage Buildings Morphology, La Sapienza Università Di Roma\Italy, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture, Marseille\France & Università “G. D’Annunzio”, Chieti-Pescara\Italy

Brad Marmion. Combining High Resolution 3D Scanning And Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technologies To Digitally Reconstruct And Assist With Completion Of The Temple Sagrada Família, RMIT University, Australia

Chee Wei Ong, Siew Chin Cheong, Zulkepli Majid & Halim Setan. Three-Dimensional Recording And Visualization Of A'Famosa Fortress By Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Department Of Geomatic Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia

Chiara Stefani, Livio De Luca & Michel Florenzano & Philippe Véron. A Tool For The 3D Spatio-Temporal Structuring Of Historic Building Reconstructions, FRE CNRS/MCC 3315 MAP-Gamsau Laboratory, Marseille\France & UMR CNRS 6168 LSIS-IMS Laboratory, Aix-En-Provence\France

Christine Chevrier, Kevin Jacquot & Jean Pierre Perrin. Web Navigation In A Virtual 3D Town Scale Model For Documentation Access, UMR MAP CRAI, School Of Architecture Of Nancy, France

Christopher Sevara & Joakim Goldhahn. Image-Based Modeling Of The Present Past: Building Accurate And Detailed 3D Models Of Archaeological Environments From Digital Photographs, Using Structure-From-Motion And Multi-View Stereo Algorithms, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Dorota Przewozna, Krzysztof Nowaczyk, Ewa Lukasik, Krzysztof Gardo & Miroslaw Baran. 3D Virtual Modeling And Visualization Of Hass Clavichord AD 1754, Poznan University Of Technology\Poland & Museum Of Musical Instruments, Poznan\Poland

Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio, Marco Gaiani & Simone Baldissini. Construction, Management And Visualization Of 3D Models For Cultural Heritage GIS Systems, University Of Bologna – DAPT\ Italy & CISAAP\ Italy

Hafizur Rahaman & Mizanur Rashid. Collective Interpretation Of Cultural Heritage: Bringing Back The Lost Monument Of Sompur Mahavihara, Bangladesh, Khulna University\ Bangladesh & International Islamic University Malaysia\ Malaysia

Ilaria Montis & Susanna Melis. Remote Sensing And GIS Application On The Tell Afis Territory (Syria), University Of Cagliari, Italy

Iskandar Muminov. Cultural Heritage Of Silk Road In Nuratau Region And GIS Visualisation For Tourism, National University Of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan

Jeni Mihova & Matt Fraser. Scales Of Cultural (Re) Productions. Liberties And Limitations In Applications Of Contemporary Technology, Victoria University Of Wellington, New Zealand

Jens Schneider, Dina Garatly, Madhusudhanan Srinivasan, Stephen Guy & Sean Curtis. Towards A Digital Makkah - Using Immersive 3D Environments To Train And Prepare Pilgrims, King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology\ Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia & University Of North Carolina\ USA

Julia Freudenreich, Anja Schaefer, Michael Winckler, Georg Bock & Pheakdey Nguonphan. Close Range Architecture Documentation Of Angkor Style Temples, Heidelberg University\Germany & Heidelberg University\ Cambodia

Kanita Besirevic. Digitization Techniques Applied To The National Cultural Heritage Of Bosnia And Herzegovina, Currently Unemployed, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Lee Staff, Jens Schneider, Alyn Rockwood, Sami Angawi & Ahmad Angawi. A New Terrain Modeling Technique For Digital Reconstruction - A Case Study, King Abdullah University Of Science & Technology\Saudi Arabia & Al-Makkiyah Al-Madaniyah Institut\Saudi Arabia

Marco Zuppiroli & Marco Stefani. Understanding The Urban Tissue History Through GIS Assisted Integration Of Geologic, Geomorphic, Historical And Architectural Data: The Case History Of Ferrara (Northern Italy), University Of Ferrara, Italy

Mercedes Farjas, Paloma Sánchez , Javier Del Río, Sabah Jasim & Arturo Zazo. New Mapping Technologies At Jebel Buhais Archaeological Area (U.A.E.): Data Acquisition And Heritage Management, Universidad Politécnica De Madrid\Spain, Geotronics Southern Europe\Spain & Directorate Of Antiquities Sharjah Emirate\UAE

Michele Chiuini. Digital Reconstruction Of The Chicago Stock Exchange, Ball State University, USA

Michele Russo & Gabriele Guidi. Integrated Cultural Heritage Reconstruction In Space And Time, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

Natalie Schmidt, Frank Boochs, Björn Brecht & Bruno Kessler. Processing And Calligraphic Analysis Of Buddhistic Inscriptions In China Based On Precise 3D – Data, I3mainz, Institute For Spatial Information And Surveying Technology, Germany

Nurul Shahida Sulaiman, Zulkepli Majid & Halim Setan. Innovation Of Data Acquisition Method In Archaeological Documentation – A Review, Department Of Geomatic Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia

Pierre Smars. Archaeological Site Of Baalbek Structural Pathology Interpretation Using Laser Scanner Data, National Yunlin University Of Science And Technology, Taiwan

Raffaella Brumana, Daniela Oreni & Branka Cuca. Territorial Heritage Domain: E-Content Transfer Using SDI And Digital Maps Archives, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

Sophie Madeleine & Philippe Fleury. Reconstruction Of Ancient Rome In Interactive Virtual Reality, University Of Caen, France

Stefano Borghini, Raffaele Carlani, Augusto Palombini & Eva Pietroni. Teramo Project: A City “Virtually Dressed”, CNR - National Research Council, Italy

Valeria Cappellini, Massimiliano Campi, Antonella Di Luggo & Raffaele Catuogno. 3D Surveying Of Teatre San Carlo In Naples, University Of Naples Federico II, Italy

Zuraini Denan, Noor Hanita Abdul Majid & Amal Mohd Tahir. Digital Reconstruction Of Palace Architecture: The Inherited Legacy Of Bytul Anwar, Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia