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Tentative List of Papers Accepted for CSAAR 2008.  

While some papers were selected for presentation at the conference and for publication in the proceedings, others were selected for presentation only.


Ahmad,  Tauseef.  A Sustainable Framework for the Conservation of Historic Settlements In Pakistan.  University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan

Ahmed, Iftekhar.  Integrating sense of place and participatory conservation to save the heritage of Shankharibazar. National University of Singapore, Singapore

Al – Sayyed, Waleed.   Key Notes on World Heritage Conventions.  Centre for the Study of Arab Islamic Architecture & Dar Mimar London, UK

Al-Asir, Rula & l-Nammari, Fatima.   Green Design and the Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings: Integrating Environmental Design and Conservation.  Alasir Architects, Jordan/ Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Alattar, Iman.  Conservation and Urban Planning: The Experience of Christchurch, New Zealand.  University of Auckland, New Zealand

Amara, Filippo.  Yourcenar Archipelago. (Quasi-) Urban Fragments in Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, Rome.  University of Palermo, Italy

Antonini, Alessandra.  “Urban indicators of sustainability for tourist-historic cities”.  University of Sassari, Italy

Arya, Meghal.  Conservation: sustaining a living environment.  Cept University, Ahmedabad, India

Aydeniz, Ebru.  The Urban Archaeological Heritage in Izmir.  Yasar University, Turkey

Aygen, Zeynep.   Heritage Conservation in Islam-The Role of Pious Foundations.  University of Portsmouth, UK

Barnobi, Linda & Giuffrida, Alessia.  Stone Architecture: the Calatabiano Castle survey.  University of Studies of Catania, Italy

Bartolomucci, Carla.  Sustainable use of cultural objects: an opportunity and a responsibility for conservation.  Institute for the Conservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage, Italy

Basarir, Hacer.   Conservation and Contemporary Design: Complementary or Contradictory Activities?  The University of Manchester, UK

Benedetti, Benedetto; Guzzo, Pietro Giovanni & Gaiani, Marco.   Scientific knowledge and information representations in historical-technical archives of archaeological sites: Pompeii as a case study.  Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy/ Soprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei, Italy

Birol Akkurt, Humeyra.  An Evaluation of Conservation Studies on Anatolian Hans. Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

Bogdanovic Boris.  The Hidden Histories of the Everyday; Interpreting, Preserving and Developing Vernacular Heritage.  University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Bollini, Gaia.   Adobe (unburned earth brick) manufacture testing procedures in the Villaficana (Macerata, Italy) restoration plan – an experimentation.  Italy

Bollini, Gaia; Galuzzi, Rossella & Parodi, Isidoro.  The Earth Lands-Terre di Terra Program and the COLORE Interreg-Sub Project experience. A strategy for the local earthen architecture heritage restoration as well as territorial sustainable development.  Ufficio Gestione Territorio-Urbanistica, Comune di Novi Ligure (AL), Italy

Boussaa, Djamel.  The Casbah Of Algiers:  Heritage Tourism, Economic Development and Sustainability.  University of Bahrain, Bahrain

Bouteflika, Mourad.  The Past In Perspective. Restoration And Rehabilitation Of The Old Town Of Tartus (Syria): Basic Lines And Objectives Of Architectural Interventions.  University of Blida, Algeria

Casanova, Aida; Zavala, Brillante; Ordoñez, Mercedes; Yanez, Julián & de la O, Rodrigo.  Evolutionary Process, Morfology, and Tipology of Historical Architecture as a Line of Investigation : a tool for conservation.  Universidad Autónoma de Campeche, México

Cetin, Murat & Doyduk, Senem.   Architectural Intervention as A Container of Archaeological Heritage in A Stratified Urban Context; A Museum Building Wrapping Tarsus Makam Mosque and Tomb of St. Daniel from Within.  Yeditepe University/ Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Chapagain, Neel Kamal.  Towards redefining conservation for traditional and vernacular architecture.  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Conti, Anna Paola.   Villa Ficana in Macerata (Italy) An Experience in the Restoration of an Historical Quarter. Italy

Curulli, Irene.  Industrial wastelands: interpreting our heritage. Interventions and responsabilities in their transformation.  TU/e Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Cys, Joanne & Lawrence, Jane.   Recent Pasts.  University of South Australia, Australia

De Paoli, Rosa Grazia.  Historical Centres as Resources of Development Opportunity. Problems and Improvements Concearning the South of Italy.  University of Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Dizdaroglu, Sevil Yesim.  Marketing and promotion of cultural heritage in Jordan.  CEKUL Foundation, Turkey

Dostoglu, Neslihan.  Responsibilities and Opportunities in the Reconstruction Process of Irgandi Bridge in Bursa, Turkey. Uludag University, Turkey

Ebrahiem, Samia; El-Habashi, Alaa & Abdulmaksoud, Faisal.  Complexities and Contradictions in Sustainable Urban Conservation of Historic Cities: the Case of Fuwa, Egypt.  University of Monofiya, Egypt

Ecemis Kilic, Sibel & Aydogan, Muhammed.  Changing Legislation for Urban Conservation and Effects on Historical Areas in Turkey.  Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey

Erdem, Ayten & Özakin, Rabia.  Observations on the Irgandi Bridge reconstruction in Bursa.  Yildiz Technical University, Turkey.

Fiore, Vittorio & Carnazzo, Patrizia.  The Concept of “Invariables” for Maintaining the Identity of Historic Centres of Small Towns.  University of Catania, Italy

Francesca Giglio, Francesca Giglio & Cinzia Nicosia, Cinzia Nicosia. Innovation and conservation: new materials for interventions of building recovery.  Mediterranean University of studies of Reggio Calabria, Italy

Friedman, Leslie & Marcus, Benjamin.  Architecture and Ecosystem of the Oasis: Towards a Conservation Plan for a Tunisian Cultural Landscape.  U.S. National Park Service, USA/Page & Turnbull Architects, USA

Garba, Shaibu Bala.  Time change and Tradition in Place Preservation/Conservation.  King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia.

Geleva-Tsvetkova, Ralista & Zheleva-Martins,  Dobrina. How to Read the City Based on the Example of Sofia. National Academy of Art, Bulgaria/Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Giannattasio, Caterina.  Redefining the historical buildings of Berlin. University of Cagliari, Italy

Giovanetti, Francesco & Zampilli, Michele.  Learning pre-modern architectural and construction arts at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Rome Three.  Works Department, , City of Rome/  University of Rome “Tre”, Italy

GIZZI, Stefano.    An investigation on whether authenticity values and the compatibility of materials have been respected in restoration works carried out in the last century in Sardinia (Italy).  Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Italy

Guerriero, Luigi & Cecere, Giuseppe.  An approach to defining the features of the building heritage: metrology of traditional construction elements in Neapolitan area.  IInd University of Naples, Italy

Haddad, Naif.  Towards New Aspects for Conservation and Restoration of the Architectural and Acoustical Heritage of Ancient Theaters and Odea.  Hashemite University, Jordan

Hanna, Mirna.  The stakes of heritage preservation in Lebanon.  Paris IV (Sorbonne), Lebanon

Jaksic, Natasa.  The Chapel on Sljeme, Zagreb - Heritage messages and their expression in architectural design forms.  University of Zagreb, Croatia

Jamal Ilayan.   Kaser Al- Kharneh: Between Conservation Methodology And The Lost Of The Artifact.  King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Janse van Rensburg, Ariane.  Case Study: Re-Interpretation of Symbolism in the Restoration of a Stained Glass Window.  University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Kahramanova, Shahla.  Threat of Destruction of Natural Baku Landscape in Connection with Intensive Tower Construction.  Azerbaijan Architecture & Construction University, Azerbaijan

Korolczuk, Danuta & Szewczyk, Jaroslaw.  Heritage Values of Country Landscape.  Bialystok Technical University, Poland.

Ledraa, Tahar & Abu-Anzeh, Nasser.  The Culture-led regeneration of Riyadh Inner City: Cultural Preservation versus Image re-branding and Flagship Development.  King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Lo Piccolo, Francesco; Schilleci, Filippo & Marotta, Paola.  The Archaeological Park of the "Valle die Templi" in Agrigento: cultural landscape between conservation, development and sustainability.  University of Palermo, Italy.

Loren, Mar.   Documenting, Cataloguing and Protecting the Architecture of the Twentieth Century. The Reseach Process, the Institutional Commitment, the Educational Transference.  Seville University, Spain

Mburu, Francis; Njuguna, Bernard & Makdii, Alfayo.  Local Perceptions in Conservation of an Urban Historic District, Mombasa, Kenya.  Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya

McCarthy, Christine & Dudding, Michael.  Happy Delirium and Irrational Urges: the heritage values of preservationists, Modernists and home owners.  Victoria University, New Zealand

Mekawy, Hala.  Interdependencies Between Heritage Tourism and Local Communities in Historic Areas. Cairo University, Egypt

Mekawy, Hala.  Role of Stakeholder Collaboration In Heritage Tourism Development.  Cairo University, Egypt

Montuori, Manlio.  An art beneath the feet. Guidelines and instruments for the conservation of majolica pavements.  Second University of Naples, Italy. 

Muller, Liana.  Tangible and Intangible Landscapes: An Anthropological Perspective Based on Two South African Case Studies.  University of Pretoria, South Africa

Naeem, Anila.  Institutionalizing Conservation Training: South Asian Perspective. NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan

Nagarsheth, Snehal.  Adaptive Reuse: In Conversation with History.  CEPT University, India

Najimi, Abdul Wassay.  Capacity building in Architectural Conservation in Afghanistan.  Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Afghanistan.

Oktay Vehbi, Beser.  Conservation of Cultural Built Heritage of the Walled Nicosia for Sustainability.  Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

Ortega Sanz, Yolanda.   Arne Jacobsen, Modern Nordic Conservation.  Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain.

Ottoni, Federica; Coisson, Eva; Al Ejjii, Edmond & Blasi, Carlo.  Ancient Citadel of Damascus, Syria: analysis, diagnosis and monitoring for conservation and structural consolidation.  University of Parma, Italy

Parrent, James.  Preserving the Rich Cultural Heritage of Falmouth, Jamaica: a Case Study 2008.  Falmouth Heritage Renewal, Jamaica.

Prahl, Sigrun.  Route 66 American Roadside Heritage.  University of the Arts Berlin, Germany

Puscasu, Violeta & Chirita, Viorel.  Critical Aspects on Worships Heritage Status – With a Special View on Their Tourist Significance in Romania.  University of Galati, Romania / University of Suceava, Romania

Ragab, Tarek.  Historic Cultural-Landscape Conservation: a Procedural Tool for Less Developed Countries (LCD's).  Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Ragheb, Ghada.   Established and emerging types of cultural resources.  University of Alexandria,  Egypt

Rajangam, Krupa.  Living Heritage and Authenticity – Conflicting conservation response in an Indian scenario.  Bangalore Univeristy, INTACH and ASI, India

Rehman, Abdul.  Conservation of Historic Monuments in Lahore: Lessons from Successes and Failures.  University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan

Rizzi, Gionata.  Sheltering archaeological sites: a conservation and an architectural problem.  Studio architetto Gionata Rizzi, Italy

Rochon, Thomas.  Transition of the Traditional Marketplace. New York institute of Technology, USA

Roecker, inge.  Chinatown: Supporting a Culturally Sensitive, Sustainable Revitalization of the Neighborhood An Architectural Adaptive Reuse Strategy for the Society Buildings of Vancouver’s.  University of Britisch Columbia, Canada

Rypkema, Donovan.  Heritage and Development: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships.  Heritage Strategies International, USA

Sepasdar, Golrokh & Sibley, Magda.  Sustainable heritage led urban rehabilitation and social capital in historic Islamic cities in Middle East and North Africa.  University of Liverpool, UK

Serafino, Antonella & Novi, Fausto.  Sustainable Planning In Mediterranean Coastal Tourist Areas.  University of Genova, Italy

Sharma, Utpal & Kadam, Rajiv.  Revitalization Strategy For Walled City Of Jaipur.  CEPT University, India

Shrestha,  Bijaya Krishna & Shrestha, Sushmita.  Architectural Conservation of an Ancient Newari Settlement of Bungamati - Implications on Theory, Education and Practice.  Khwopa Engineering College, Nepal

Simeone, Maria Maddalena.  The identity’s image of a decayed urban landscape. The “ex- oil refineries”’ case in the east area of Naples, Italy.Experimental method and the redevelopment of the identity.  Naples University "Federico II", Italy

St. Laurent, Beatrice.  The Dome of the Rock & the Haram al-Sharif: Restoration, Archaeology, Religion & Politics in Jerusalem.  USA

Szewczyk, Jaroslaw.  Indigenous Building Material Assessment - Cordwood Masonry.  Bialystok Technical University, Poland

Szewczyk, Jaroslaw.  The Time-Conscious Assessment of Vernacular Architectural Environment.  Bialystok Technical University, Poland

Tafahomi, Rahman & Lamit, Hasanuddin.   Urban Space as a Soft and Excluded Element in Urban Changing. University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

Uluengin, Bengu.   Reinstating Bosnian Identity: Reconstruction of the Neziraga Mosque in Mostar.  Bahcesehir University, Turkey.

Vit-Suzan Ilan.  "Architectural Inter-Being" a New Method for Heritage Engagement. University of Texas at Austin, USA

Walton, John.  The English Seaside Resort: History, Heritage and Regeneration.  Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Wan Abdullah Zawawi, Noor Amila & Abdullah, Alias.   Urban heritage conservation through redevelopment strategies: a case study of Kuala Lumpur.  International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

Wood, Jason.  Roman monuments in today's built environment: approaches to conservation management in the UK and France.  Heritage Consultancy Services, UK

Yegenoglu, Husnu.  The Cultural Value of Modern Architectural Heritage.  Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Abdel-Hadi, Aleya & Tantawy, Suzanne.  Converting Remarkable Residences into Art Centers – A Dichotomy Dilemma.  Helwan University Egypt

Al Akkam, Akram.  Strategies Of Dealing With Architectural Heritage And Its Urban Context.  Al Isra Private University, Jordan

Azlitni, Bashir.  Traditional Urban Tissue: case of Old khadamess.  Al fateh University, Libya

Barrile, Vincenzo; Armocida, Giuseppe & Di Capua, Francesco. MIS-GIS Application for the economic regeneration, recover and conservation of the historical centers.  Università degli Studi "Mediterranea" di Reggio Calabria, Italy/ Kosmos s.a.s., Italy

Benkari, Naima.  The administration and policy of classification of the built and natural heritage in North-Africa: Case of Algeria since its independence.  Alhosn University, UAE

Binan, Can Sakir & Unal, Zeynep Gul.  Reinvention Of The Urban Archaeological Heritage At The Metropolis And The Habitat Integration Issues Encountered - Istanbul Marmaray Project.  Yildiz Technical University, Turkey.

Bogdanovic, Ruzica & Milosevic, Predrag.   The Cultural And Historical Potential Of The Danube Region.  University of Belgrade, Serbia/ Union University, Serbia

Borgarino, M.Paola.   Performance- based evaluation process for enhancement at settlement scale.  Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Boudaqqa, Fawzi.  Tourism and sustainable management of heritage sites in Arab world.  Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediene, Algeria

Chouadra, Said & Zeghlache, Hamza.  Memory places and practices of conservation. Ferhat Abbas University, Sétif, Algeria 

de la Espriella, Carlos.  The use of GIS to assess the Links between Land Values, Public Interventions and Residential Dynamics: The Case of Las Cruces, Bogotá.  Lund University, Sweden

de Martino, Gianluigi.  Between Architectural and Archaeological Restoration: the Fortifications of Southern Italy.  University "Federico II" of Naples, Italy

Djokic, Vladan; Radivojevic, Ana & Roter-Blagojevic, Mirjana.   Promotion of the Cultural Heritage of Mediterranean City in the Scope of Upgrading Cultural Tourism.  University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Durukan Kopuz, Ayse        Nam.  Architectural Language of Public Buildings in Early Republic Era in a Provincial City in Turkey, Adana.  Kemal University, Turkey.

Eid, Eman & Farag, Seif.  Urban Legislations: A Mechanism for Developmental Preservation.  Menoufiya University, Egypt

Fodde, Enrico & Khan, Safdar.  Moenjodaro: a Wolrld Heritage Site at Risk.  University of Bath, UK

Fox, David.  Hidden Treasures: Celebrating the Concealed Culture of the Underclass, Two Case Studies that Create Sustainable Environments in Poor Neighborhoods.  The University of Tennessee, USA

Ghiretti, Andrea; Giandebiaggi, Paolo & Vernizzi, Chiara. The roman amphitheatre of Durres: a multidisciplinary approach to the research.  University of Study of Parma, Italy

Ghorbi, Mitra; Aghili, Seyed Hessam Addain & Dadras, Raheleh. Cultural sustainability in Iranian city(Case study: Tehran).  Islamic Azad University, Iran

Ivanov, Andrey.  “Eastern” Soul of Place vs. “Western” Management: The Case of IAMAP for Icheri Sheher, World Heritage Site in Baku.  Architecturny Vestnik Magazine, Russia

Kuruc Ada, Aysegül; Omay Polat, Ebru.  Use of Colour in Terms of Conservation Theory and Practice: What Colour is Modern Heritage?  Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey/Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Livraghi, Chiara & Scaltritti, Matteo.  Criterions and instruments for project validation on existing buildings.  Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Menouer, Ouassila & Boudehri, Riad.   A Manual for Buildings Rehabilitation of Historic Cities.  University of Blida, Algeria/ Entreprise Nationale de Services aux Puits, Algeria

Nassar,  Samia & Soliman, Sahar.  The Currently Feasibility of Conservation Concept.  MUST university, Egypt/Housing and Building Research Center, Egypt

Othman,  Zahir.  The Role of Private Sector in Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Example from KSA.  Al-Turath Foundation, Saudi Arabia.

Roter-Blagojevic, Mirjana; Milosevic, Gordana & Radivojevic, Ana.  Archelogical sites as an integral part of cultural landscape-renewal and presentation potentials.  Arhitektonski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Serbia

Scaltritti, Matteo.  "Function Follows form" in a re-use idea for an housing project byFranco Albini.  Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

Seckin, Cagatay & Turkoglu, Handan.  The Analysis of the Changing Use of the Urban Open Spaces in the Amasya Historic City Center.  Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Sichenze, Armando; Macaione, Ina & Insetti, Maria Italia.  Besides Architecural Conservation:the New Life of Landscape Communities in Urbstourism and Nature-City.  University of Basilicata, Italy

Üstün, Berna & Aksoylu, Sevin.  Effects Of Climatic Conditions On The Formation Of Vernacular Housing Areas Of Turkey.  Anadolu University, Turkey

Warzecha, Rainer.   Makunaima – the adobe village and seasonal training camp for cultural heritage on earthbuilding, located in Berlin.  Artist, Interglotz- eARThworks network, Germany

yalcinkaya erol, sengul & Sancar, Kiymet.   Example of Three Wood Mosque and Restoration Application in Region of Trabzon/Çaykara-Dernekpazar;.  Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey

Yusupova, Mavlyuda.   Conservation of Uzbekistan architectural heritage (on the example of Bukhara city).  Fine Arts Research Institute, Uzbekistan