List of papers accepted for CSAAR 2008.  

While some papers were selected for presentation at the conference and for publication in the proceedings, others were selected for presentation only.



Abdualelah Almayouf. Privatisation of Urban Services Provision: How to improve an old idea?, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Abdul Ghapar Othman. Place-Making in a Historical City: The Experience of Little India, Penang, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Abeer Shaheen. Virtual Urban Infrastructure: Towards a Practical Agenda for an Integrative 3D Model of Emerging Arab Metropolitan Cities, University of Ulster, UK

Adel Bouregh. Factors Affecting the Design of Saudi House, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

Adina Hempel & Mirco Urban. What is the concern of Identity in the 21st century city?, Urban Architecture Project, Germany

Adriana Abdenur. Reinventing the Core: Central Business Districts in Beijing and Dubai, The New School University,USA

Ahmed Shalaby. Urban Planning Strategy for Tubli Bay Area Focusing on Conservation and Protection Measures,Cairo University and Cornell University, Egypt and USA

Ahmed Zaib Khan Mahsud. Design, National Identity, and State Representation: The Legacy of Doxiadis´ plan for Islamabad, Katholic University of Leuven, Belgium

Aino Niskanen. Contextual architecture in India, Kuwait and Dubai, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Alessandro Gubitosi. Fast Track Cities – Dubai’s Time Machine, Interplan Seconda Architects, & Univ. of Naples, Italy, Italy

Ali Taileb, Ali Arbaoui & Bouzid Boudiaf.  Understanding Urban Systems and Sprawl in the U.A.E, Case Studies from Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Ajman University, UAE

Amira Elnokaly Ahmed Elseragy. Proposal of Sustainable and Eco-exurban Communities at the Western Desert Development Corridor in Egypt, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Egypt

Andreas Quednau & Sabine Mueller. Dubai(re)active urbanisms , SMAQ architecture urbanism research, Germany


Aziza chaouni. Re-inventing the Desert Landscape: New Tourist Typologies in Moroccos Grand Sud, Harvard Graduate School of Design,Usa

Bamidele  Ogunleye. Urbanization and Emergent Patterns of Residential Development in Nigeria,  Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria

Bashir Kazimee. The Role of Traditional Built Environment and Cultural Heritage in Rebuilding The Afghan Cities: Towards Sustainable Design Strategies, Washington State University, USA

Brian Ambroziak. Icarus Landed: Re-presenting the Urban Realm,University of Tennessee, United States

Christine E. Kohlert. Dar es Salaam – Refurbishment of the Harbor Zone as a Tourist Attraction and better Economy, University of Prishtina, Germany

Clifford Udeh. The Challenge Of Reforming The Infrastructure Sector In Nigeria, University Of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. Nigeria.

Djamel Boussaa. The Historic Cities in the Gulf: What future in a Global Environment?, University of Bahrain, Bahrain

Duane Phillips. Comprehensive and Integrated Program for the Economic and Urban Regeneration of the Traditional Areas of Manama and Muharraq, Bahrain, DPZ-Europe, Germany 

Faisal Abdulmaksoud & Ghada Yassein.  Urbanity changes as function of lifestyle: an exemplary model from Egypt , Menoufeya University/Egypt & Edinburgh University/UK

Fatima Abbas zadeh, Ahmad Bashri & Nasser Mohseni. The Cultural Influence in the Design of Urban environment, UTM(university technology Malaysia), Malasia

Florian Wiedmann.  Planning for sustainability in the Arabian Gulf, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Gareth Doherty. The Landscape of Dubais Urbanism, Harvard University,USA

Gehan Nagy.  cities of light a vision of the future.  The higher Technological institute 10th of ramdan city, Egypt

Gerald Steyn. Riyadh’s urban evolution (a Western perspective), Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa

Golrokh Sepasdar & Magda Sibley. Public Participation and Urban Development in Islamic Countries, The University of Liverpool, UK

Gordana  Fontana-Giusti.  Instant Cities: Istanbul and the Practice of Designing Sustainable Public Spaces, University of Kent,UK

Hanaa Shoukry, A Challenge of "Neo-Traditional Neighbourhood" in the Desert, Higher Technological Institute, 10th of Ramadan, Egypt

Hany Attalla. A Socio-Cultural View of New Homes in Cairo and the Influence of Gulf Developers, Rosser Egypt

Harroud Tarik. The new shopping malls in Morocco: New shapes of centrality , institute of urbanism and planning, morocco

Hisham Elkadi. Karen McPhillips and Abeer Shanheen.  Strategic Design Guidance on Tall Buildings in the Arab Region, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Iman Raeisi & Abolfazl Habibi. Solutions to Access Social Sustainability in Housing, Islamic Azad University, iran

Isaac Lerner. Instant City: City as Recreation/Re-Creation,Eastern Mediterranean University, TRNC, Turkey

Isaac Williams. The Stranger's Path: Exploring the Cultural Landscape of Urban Form, University of Maryland, USA

Jenny Quillien. Shape is the Trace of Time, Laboratory of Anthropology, USA

Kahina Amal Djiar. HOUSING, FRENCH COLONIALISM AND CULTURAL CHANGE IN ALGIERS, The Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urbanism, Algieria

Khaled Adham. Rediscovering the Island: Scenes from the New Spaces of Capital in Doha, UAE University, United Arab Emirates

Khalid Al-Hagla. New Urbanism: Revitalizing Historic City Centers - Beirut Case, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Khalid Ibrahim. Transportation Accessibility (The Case of Khartoum-Sudan), Sudan University of Science & Technology, Sudan

Lineu Castello. PLACES À LA CARTE: The Packaging Of Places And Urban Tourism, Ufrgs (Federal University Of Rio Grande Do Sul) / Cnpq (National Research Council), Brazil

Mamdouh Sakr. Creating the "Arabian" Architectural Style

Manal Abou El-Ela, Ibrahim Sharaf El Din & Mohamed Khairy Amin.  The role of civil actors, private sector, and public organizations in the urban life of open spaces (The Cairo Case),  Benha University, Egypt

Mark Gillem. Desert Bases: Americas New Model for the Middle East, University of Oregon, USA

Marwan Basmaji. Tadao Ando and the Genius Loci: the contextual in Abu Dhabi Maritime Museum, University of Tokyo, Japan

Minoo Gharahbeiglu. Child-Friendly Cities: Iranian Perspective, Tabriz Islamic Art University,Iran

Mohab El-Refaie. Identification of Suitable Areas for New Desert Hinterland Communities in Aswan – Egypt, Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering, EGYPT

Mohamed Alaa Mandour.  Cultural City Branding. Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman

Mohammed mahbubur Rahman. Architecture of Renaissance: modernisation, transformation and direction, North South University, Bangladesh

Mootaz Farid & Ahmed Shalaby, Urban Planning Policies for Developing New Cities, Department of Architecture, Cairo University, Egypt

Nabeel Elhady. Rethinking Contextualism, Cairo University, Egypt

Nabil Mohareb. Tourist navigation system -the Start/ End Journey- : Space Syntax approach, UAE University, UAE

Parvin Ghaemmagahmi & Omid Rahaee. Fast Developing Cities & Sustainable Strategies “Globalization and Local Architecture & Urbanism”,Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

Rafee Hakky. Damascus, a Late Comer to the World of Globalization Have We Started on the Wrong Foot?, University of Bahrain, Bahrain

Richard Marshall, The City of Confluence, Woods Bagot, UAE

Rico  Maggi & Claudia Scholz, Finding the Invisible - Quantifying the 'urban beauty' of Dubai via content analysis of photographs, Universtiy of Lugano, Switzerland

Salem Thawaba & Yazeed ElRifai. Segregating Jerusalem: The impact of Israeli Wall on Transforming Jerusalem North West Villages' Urban Structure, Birzeit University, Palistine

Samer Bagaeen. Gated Communities, urban form and social sustainability; an investigation into linkages and implications, University of Aberdeen, UK

Seth Thompson. Globalization, Economics and Museums: Saadiyat Island’s Cultural District in Abu Dhabi, American University of Sharjah, UAE

Seung Han Paek. The Ephemeral Façade,University of Cincinnati,USA

Shatha Malhis. The New Mega Scale Phenomenon Of Jordan, Petra University, Jordan

Steffen  Lehmann, Back to City Culture: What makes Berlin (still) a Creative City?, University of Newcastle, Australia

Stephen Siu Yu Lau & Jun Wang, Formulating Foreign Enclaves in the Speedy Urbanizing Shanghai, China: an Entrepreneurial City in Action, University of Hong Kong, HKSAR, China

Thomas Daniell. Mirage City: Revitalizing Metabolism, Kyoto Seika University, Japan

Wadia Albarqawi. The Transformations of Architectural Identity in Makkah, The University of Sydney, Australia

Wael Al-Masri. Contextualizing Globalization: Towards an Architectural Synthesis in the Gulf Region, Dar Al-Omran, Jordan

Wahda Al-Hangaqwwh & Zena Al-Shamaa. Continuity in Architecture-Specialty of formal Continuity within the Urban Space in the Contemporary Product, University of Technology, Iraq

Zeynep Aygen. Dubai in Istanbul: The Impact of Gulf Investments Beyond the Gulf,  University of Portsmouth, UK